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 John Courchane – Senior Editor

Editor John Courchane started at SolidLine Media as a summer intern to gain college credit for Columbia College Chicago. After finishing the program and graduating, he was brought on as a full time Assistant Editor at SolidLine. John first discovered his passion for telling stories through editing while working on video projects in high school. Coincidentally, around the same time he discovered he takes his coffee black, and takes it often. Fueled by the challenging aspects of post-production, John is always determined to produce the best video possible to meet the client’s needs. Now a seasoned Editor at SolidLine John is responsible for full project editing and ensuring each production he works on tells a great story and maintains SolidLine’s high standards for production quality.

John lives in Chicago with his wife Jenna, and is looking forward to his next fishing trip to Canada. He spends his free time watching his favorite Wisconsin sports teams, hunting with his father and tasting newly crafted beers.