Understanding Video

There are nine critical stages in our video production process that help establish the look and feel of your corporate video production. For each of these stages, we need our clients approval and blessing before we proceed to the next step. If it’s good for you, we’re good to proceed.


Here’s How It Works:

Creative Brief

We begin each corporate video production project with several questions to determine your goals, the audience, and the style of the production. For example, you may want a fully animated...


We write a short, one-page overview of the production concept for your review to ensure we are on the right track.

Mood Boards

Mood Boards give you a visual of our proposed graphic “look and feel.” The document includes six storyboard frames of graphics, font treatments (styles of type), and a color palette...


The script is the backbone of your video production. We will work with you to ensure the script is 100% approved.

The 2-Column

Once you approve the script, we create the 2-column. This document incorporates the narrative copy along with the video and graphic scenes in a 2-column audio/video format. This is the...

Motion Approval

This gives you a first look at your graphics in an animated environment, to ensure you like the style and flow of the scenes and animation. We proceed with your...

Rough-Cut (RC)

You’ll see the first draft of your nearly completed video production. We’re eager to hear your comments and feedback!

Final-Cut (FC)

You’ll have a second look at your nearly completed video with incorporated Rough-Cut changes. Feel free to give us your comments and feedback.

Picture-Lock (PL)

You’ll preview the final version of your corporate video production that reflects your feedback during the previous Final-Cut stage. Congratulations! Together, we’ve done it! SolidLine Media’s ultimate goal is to...

Tell Us About Your Project

Regardless of the type of video your organization needs from our team, there’s a
perfect mix of live video and motion graphics that will meet your needs