What are Explainer Videos?

SolidLine Media’s corporate video production services cover promotional videos, educational and training videos, brand films, and explainer videos. Explainer videos can be used as a promotional tool or to demonstrate a task or service. They can also be used to advertise a certain attraction, event, service, or product.

Explainer videos typically last about two to three minutes compared to brief one-minute promotional videos, and usually they are fully animated with motion graphics and, at times, 3d animation. The extended duration of explainer videos gives businesses and organizations more time to show the benefits of their products or services, and how they work.


Filling the Communication Gap with Explainer Videos

While promotional videos create brand awareness, explainer videos fill gaps by answering questions a customer may have, especially after they’ve watched a short promo video. Both types of videos can end with a Call to Action that tells viewers how to learn more about a product or service.

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Benefits Of Explainer Videos

At SolidLine Media, we can develop an explainer video production package that's tailored to your business needs. To learn more about our high-end video production services, feel free to call us at 312-648-6600 or visit our contact us page. Our production team and content experts with over 20 years experience look forward to hearing from you! Below are a few benefits of creating an explainer video.

Show How Products Or Services Work

Show the benefits of products or services and how they work. For example, if you’ve developed a new intranet platform, an explainer video can show potential users how to connect...

Resources For New And Existing Users

Let’s say that your company may have designed and manufactured leashes and harnesses for dogs. You can create explainer videos to inform dog owners that these products can help make...

Reach Target Audiences & Drive Sales

If you want to highlight key features of a product or service, producing explainer videos is an excellent way to reach target audiences and drive sales. After showcasing how your...

Professional Explainer Video Production Services

Today, there are a wide variety of ways to produce quality explainer video.. You may decide to include motion graphics, professional voiceover narration, and even live footage to tell a story. Depending on the topic that requires a detailed explanation, SolidLine Media suggests using a mix of those options to create your explainer videos.

The combination of professionally produced animated graphics can give videos a modern vibe, deliver messages effectively, and get the attention of your target audience.


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