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Videos are more engaging and effective than any other source of media

Challenging markets call for top-notch media production, and our team of video production experts regularly creates powerful videos that help our clients tell their stories, influence stakeholders, and generate and convert leads into profitable relationships.

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Video marketing has come to be a powerful tool for businesses to capture the limited attention spans of potential clients.

84% percent of consumers, in fact, claim that they have been convinced to make a purchase because of a product or service overview video posted on a business’s website.

In order to assist our clients in taking advantage of this behavior, we work with them to create the right type of video for their brand’s needs.schedule a time to meet
The Types of

Videos We Produce

At SolidLine Media, we produce video production content in 3 production categories, each geared towards specific client goal. Take a look below at our capabilities within each category.


Video Production Services

For over 20 years, SolidLine Media has been producing entertaining promotional and educational video productions for companies and organizations around the world.


Virtual Events & Livestreaming

Our SolidLive virtual studios bring all of the tools of a TV production studio to your virtual broadcast. From expert panels to one-on-one interviews, let the SolidLine crew help you create an engaging and high quality online event that your viewers will be talking about.


Motion Graphics

Animated graphics help bring your brand and messaging to life. The SolidLine Media Art Department will create motion graphic imagery for your video that will make you smile 🙂

SolidLine Media:
A Conversation With SolidLine:
W.R. Berkley Corporation

W.R. Berkley Corporation came to SolidLine with an ambitious goal, to create a series of videos to train and educate 7,500 global employees on the seven traits of what it takes to be an innovative thinker at Berkley. The SolidLine Crew developed seven custom animated characters to represent each of the Berkley innovative thinker traits. In addition, a thematic video for each trait was produced, from a game show to Indiana Jones to a big sports game, each of these videos educated employees in a fun and entertaining manner. In addition to the videos, SolidLine also created trading cards, posters and even custom figurines of each of the characters that employees around the world now have on their desks. All of these elements have worked together to create and maintain an innovative culture at Berkley throughout all of the global regions.

In this video, W.R. Berkley Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer Bill Rohde talks about working with SolidLine and how our videos united the company across the globe.

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