The Power of Storytelling in Healthcare

Videos can be an incredibly powerful promotional or educational tool if produced professionally. They can communicate information in ways that print and audio sources cannot. Research has shown that people are hungry for video content.

In one report, 87% of consumers actually indicated that they would like to see more videos from brands. In order to create effective video content, the video needs to have an intended message for your specific audience.


Two Potential Applications

PR And Marketing

Hospitals can use videos as a great tool for promoting new services, introducing milestones, or celebrating innovations. This video marketing strategy can help your organization to reinforce your brand and image in the industry.

Videos can also be used as a public relations tool for connecting with your stakeholders. Through the use of videos, you can keep them informed about the latest developments, news, and updates in your organization.


Healthcare professionals can use videos to teach patients to keep themselves healthy or educate them about certain treatments or medications.

Videos can also be employed as an awareness tool where good health practices or information about diseases and their symptoms can be relayed to the public. A hospital can also produce videos about its protocols so that patients can learn what to expect when they seek treatment.

SolidLine Healthcare Client Profile

MedStar Health

MedStar Health worked with SolidLine Media to create a series of over 50 patient safety videos, to educate associates and patients on the importance of these safety and quality topics. This is a great example of consistent video content being used for educational purposes.


Professional Healthcare Video Production Services

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