Greg Vass

Executive Producer

“I remember one summer when I was about nine we built a supermarket in my basement and started producing our own episodes of Supermarket Sweep,” explains Vass. “Neighborhood kids would come over and be contestants on our show. Problem was all the food boxes were empty, and they never appeared on TV.”

This early passion for production and creativity never let up, and, after graduating from University of Iowa in 2001 with an Advertising and Theater focus, Greg co-founded SolidLine Media alongside longtime video pal Michael Kromm.

“Kromm was pretty upset he had to leave his substitute teaching career, but it was necessary at the time,” Vass states. Since then Vass has produced hundreds of videos for SolidLine’s repertoire of great clients and has worked to grow the company into one of the leading production companies in the nation. “It is what it is,” Vass continues. “And we are very fortunate it is.”

family infomation

Greg resides with his family outside of Chicago. He has a son, Spencer, and a daughter, Ryley.

Greg Vass

Final Thoughts

“I hope my kids like producing videos,” he says. “Seriously though, maybe someday I’ll really make it on Supermarket Sweep. That would make my kids proud. Wait, is Supermarket Sweep even on TV anymore? Sorry, kids.”

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