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Educational Videos

Training and educational videos are often used by successful companies when they are training their staff. We feel that these videos tick all the right boxes in terms of being a successful teaching method – they capture attention, they engage, and they lead to better retention of information. In fact, viewers have a retention rate of up to 95% when they watch a video compared to the rate of only 10% if they read about it!

Why Use Training Videos?

Every person who joins your team has a unique style of learning. Visual learners will enjoy watching how ideas and concepts unfold before their eyes while auditory learners like to have information delivered to them verbally. With video content, both types of learners will be kept engaged.

Research has shown that if we pair visuals with learning information in a training video, retention levels can rise by a whopping 65%! This means that videos leave a deeper impression compared to other training materials.


We’re Ready To Start Filming Your Training Videos

The next time you have an important training event on the horizon, SolidLine Media will be ready to dive into the production process. In no time, you’ll be able to receive your high-quality, professional training video.

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Why Training Videos Work

At SolidLine Media, we’re masters at presenting information in creative ways. If your company is interested in the production of training and educational videos, contact us to learn more about what we can do for you. Find out how these videos can help your team succeed today! Training videos have become one of the most important tools for many top businesses.

Bring Subjects To Life

Training videos work because they bring abstract, complicated subjects to life and allow the viewers to internalize the concepts at their own pace.

Deliver Information

By using training videos, you’ll also be able to deliver the same information to multiple viewers at different times. For companies with many employees, videos will ensure consistency in the...

Deliver Information

At the end of the day, training videos can streamline onboarding and training processes while boosting the returns generated from your training efforts.


Why Choose SolidLine Media

The success of your company is dependent upon having a successful team. We’re dedicated to producing the results that you’re looking for. SolidLine Media will guide you throughout the entire video production process – from the early stages of becoming acquainted with your company and brand message, to conceptualizing and advancing through post production. Our ultimate aim is to produce training videos that meet your business goals.


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