What Are Motion Graphics?

Videos are a fantastic medium for communicating a wide range of themes and topics to a large audience, but sometimes the information isn’t all that exciting. How can you present mundane ideas through videos in a compelling way? Two words…motion graphics!

Motion graphics are dynamic animations and visual elements that move, rotate, and spin. These graphics are usually accompanied by text and music. When they are used in videos, motion graphics can make numbers, images, and any type of content come alive.

Applications of Motion Graphic Videos

When SolidLine Media embarks on a video project for our clients, we always explore different ways of breathing life into a concept. Sometimes live footage isn’t feasible or possible to communicate a target message. That’s why we have a full art team and department who we can rely on to bring our ideas to fruition. With motion graphics, we can add action, drama, or flair to any of your video concepts.

Animated Infographics

Adding movement and motion are excellent ways to improve the overall content experience. Motion graphics can help draw a viewer’s eyes to details that need the most attention.

Branded Videos

Motion graphics contribute to a multi-sensory experience, increase engagement, and address different audiences. Videos with motion graphics give audiences more options on how they take in the information. For example,...

Explainer Videos

Translate complex ideas and thoughts in a fun and entertaining way. Motion graphics can help sales teams highlight how products are manufactured, origin stories of businesses, and more.

SolidLine Delivers Stunning Motion Graphic Videos

Our art team is fully equipped to handle any video production projects that require the use of animation. Get in touch with the SolidLine Media crew to discuss your video production requirements or brainstorm ideas with us. Let’s get your video project off the ground today!

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Professional Motion Graphics

The Internet and the prominence of mobile devices have made video content more relevant than ever before. According to YouTube, there are at least 30 million active users per day. Brands and marketers, however, were previously not leveraging videos as marketing tools. Once businesses learned the value of influencing consumers’ decisions through video, there was a mad rush to produce professional videos to increase brand awareness.

To capture people’s attention, your videos must be creative, engaging, and effective. Besides filming video footage, you can also add high-quality motion graphics to enhance your content.


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