So far I have been learning more advanced hot-keys other than the basic ones with AVID. I have learned different AVID techniques and have learned what belonging to a post-production team is like. I also have been learning more about Illustrator and Photoshop, and hopefully with the help of the art department I will get to start learning how to use After Effects. I got to work on a couple of projects so far and have really been having a lot of fun with them.

I’m really looking forward to the hot wing cook-off coming up soon. Joe (the other intern) and I have started doing the pre-production for it and it is going to be really fun. The most interesting part about this competition is that the winner of worst wings will have to wear a chicken hat and go outside and dance the chicken dance for all to see. That will be very interesting to say the least. This also will be interesting because Joe and I did the pie competition during spring break and now we will be doing the wing challenge. Joe won the Intern Edit Challenge last time, so I am prepared to step it up and maybe become more of a competitor to the competition then last time now that I know what to expect. But I’m sure both of our videos will come out great.  Overall it’s been great so far and I look forward to keep learning more and perfecting my skills here at SolidLine!

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