This year both of our externs are Chicago natives but they currently hail from SIUC. They’ve spent the week helping Director of Photography Ed Boe set up and film in the studio, interviewing the staff, filming b-roll, editing footage, loading in equipment and much more. They’re only here for a week, but we put their skills to the test with our third SOLIDLINE INTERN EDITING CHALLENGE. Or, rather, our first Extern editing challenge.

Meet the Competitors:

Rachel Head and Joe Klontz have known each other for about a year now, but even with that extensive knowledge of each other’s work there was no trash talking…even when trash talking was strongly encouraged.

Instead, Head, who is more proficient in the AVID Editing Suite lent a helping hand to Klontz, who accepted it graciously. “I am a competitive person,” said Head, “but I also enjoy teaching others and helping others with Post Production.”

Klontz also admitted to being quite competitive “and an obsessive perfectionist.” But he admits that “one must crawl before they walk and walk before they run.” So he took the challenge head-on and greatly appreciated Head’s help with the editing software.

Both competitors had to create a video using the same footage from our SolidLine Pie Competition shoot. The cuts are in, so it’s time to get the vote out.

But first, let's review the rules:

  1. Create a video using the same b-roll footage from the Pie Competition and crew interviews
  2. Video must be 2-3 minutes in length
  3. Each extern will have his and her own sequence, subclip, music, and graphics bins
  5. Each extern gets two days in the editing suite
  6. You may utilize ONE motion graphics artist for two hours
  7. Must be tasteful [because pie is tasteful]
  8. No copyrighted music because, well, law


The externs did a remarkable job creating a unique video and experience with the same footage. Let’s take a look at their final pieces.
Extern Rachel Head’s Final Cut

Extern Joe Klontz’ Final Cut


The bragging rights are in your hands, SLM fans. Vote for your favorite video in the poll below. Voting closes March 21st, so be sure to vote and share–we’ll announce the winner right here on the SolidLine Blog and in our SolidLine NewsReel.

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