This week, SolidLine is hosting two SIUC “externs,” that is, student interns that complete a short one week internship over their spring break. The externs, Rachel Head and Joe Klotnz, will be filming the action and an honorable Mystery Judge will have the difficult task of judging the competition.

The Official SolidLine Pie Baking Rules

  • -No buying pre-made pies. You must construct the pie yourself. You are, however, permitted to buy a pre-made crust or filling.
  • -Your wives can help…your wives cannot do all the work.
  • -Provide a short list of main ingredients–we don’t want to spend the day epi-penning everyone
  • -Pies will be labeled anonymously.
  • -Pies will be judged as served–Don’t forget your toppings!

The Mystery Judge will determine the winner of BEST PIE and  the crew will be asked to vote for their favorite pie: PEOPLE’S CHOICE. Don’t worry, we’ve told them rather strictly that they are not permitted to vote for themselves.
The winners in each category will each receive $100, bragging rights and the joy of claiming a stunning Pie Champion Trophy.
In true SolidLine fashion, a trophy will also be awarded to the baker of the WORST PIE.


Let’s just say that after the results of The Chili Cook-Off some SolidLine-ers are eager to redeem themselves…and others are seeking sweet, sweet revenge.

The competing bakers are:
Allison Miller,  Production Coordinator
Ed Boe, Director of Photography
John Courchane, Editor
Kevin Wright, Producer
Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production
Adam Marzec, Motion Graphics Artist
Ethan Barnowsky, Motion Graphics Artist

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