A Creative Brief is the starting point, the spark that will eventually transform into a powerful partnership and dynamic video production. So what’s in the Creative Brief? A bunch of questions. Some questions are simple and others require you to think critically about your video project and what purpose you want it to serve for your brand. “It helps us to answer some logistical questions,” says Art Director, Mike Petrik, “and serves as the first step into the creative process for the project.”

Questions range from “What are three adjectives you’d use to describe your video?” to “Who is going to watch your video?” to “What is currently going on in your industry?” and provide a solid baseline from which we can all jump together.

Petrik points at the three adjectives as the most important portion of the SolidLine Creative Brief explaining that “Up to this point, we aren’t really sure which type of look [a client] wants […]  Something like “slick, clean, professional” vs. “fun, colorful, cartoony” really helps to narrow things down so we can get rolling on the art.”

In its simplest definition, the Creative Brief is a communication tool. It sets the precedent for what a client wants and why they called SolidLine Media.

Some of the questions appear simple, e.g. “In what medium will your video be shown?” but are important basics that need to be established and agreed upon from the beginning.

Click here to view the SolidLine Media Creative Brief and start thinking about your next project with us.

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