Kick-off Meeting With All Team Members

Once we have decided on a budget that everyone is happy with, we conduct production meetings to ensure we are all on the same page. Lots of times these meetings happen via conference calls since so many of our clients are located outside of Illinois, but we’re also happy to have them in-person. During these meetings we introduce key team members, discuss the Creative Brief, and establish the production goals and timeline.

Production Concept Development and Research

Here comes the fun part! At this point it is SolidLine’s job to conduct necessary research about the video’s topic in order to pitch a concept. We like to dedicate a few days to familiarizing ourselves with your company and brand, then we put our creative hats on and whip up the production concept. The concept is generally a one-page breakdown of our plan for your video and usually includes a few styleboards.


Once we pitch a concept and you approve it, we’ll move onto writing the script. Our in-house Scriptwriters have experience across all industries and are always aware of our client’s expectations prior to writing the script.

Talent Acquisition

Yes, talent is indeed a fancy word for actors or narrators. Regarding on-screen actors, first we will round up headshots from multiple talent agencies and send them on so you can pick your favorite look. Next, we schedule a talent audition day and record each actor reciting a small section of your script. We then send you a video file with all of the auditions so you can choose who you like! It’s basically the same with narrators, as well. We post a small portion of your script to our pool of narrators and you get to pick your favorite audition via audio links we can easily send to your email.

Production Planning and Shot List

We’re almost there! We now have our concept and script locked, so it’s up to the Producer and DP to get a plan in place for the shoot days. They figure out the most efficient way of filming your video to ensure no time is wasted. They also develop the shot list which is a check list for the shoot days to make we get everything we need. If we’re producing a fully animated video together, this stage is for additional meetings with the art team, storyboards, and motion approval.

As you can see, there are quite a few very important steps we must cover during the Pre-Production process. We generally estimate each video needs about 2-3 weeks of Pre-Production factored into the timeline. If you’d like to learn more about our production process, click here!

Tell Us About Your Project

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