Today, large corporations are increasingly seeking fun and engaging ways to showcase their businesses. One of these methods is video production. Corporate videos do not always have to advertise a new product or service. Business owners can also use high-end videos to remind consumers their companies are run by people with a certain set of values and beliefs, or even attract top talents. Learn more about the importance of video production in business today.

Seeking New Employees

Producing recruitment videos is an excellent way to attract the younger generation of talents. Video is the new age that is overtaking traditional means of talent acquisition. In addition to reaching a new audience, these videos keep the attention of potential candidates and intrigue them to learn more. Corporations can use recruitment videos to highlight their work-life balance, explain company roles and job scopes, explain the company’s core values and mission, address questions commonly asked by candidates, express how the company has impacted surrounding communities, introduce fellow employees, and include a call to action to apply for the job. There are many ways to approach producing these corporate videos, and SolidLine Media’s recruitment video production crew is here to help.

Announcing Upcoming Products and Events

Everyone knows your brand and what the company does best. It is important, however, to take steps to ensure attendance is as high as possible. Promotional video production is an effective way to increase the effectiveness of your outreach efforts and generate excitement about a new product or service. Our crew produces high-end promo videos that enthral your target audience and compel them to your call to action. These videos are brief, concise, and demonstrates how our clients’ products work. For example, we filmed a promotional video for a Kolcraft Genesis Stroller. In addition to showcasing how their modular components can be attached together, the video also showed how the product is used in the real world. This is important when it comes to building confidence that your products are solid from the get-go. Our crew can also add motion graphics and superimpose them on the footage to highlight key product features.

Training New and Existing Employees

Established businesses are increasingly incorporating videos into their onboarding and safety training programs. Additionally, these videos are uploaded online so that they remain accessible to all employees. SolidLine Media can film, edit, and produce high-quality corporate training videos with a variety of motion graphics. We have also produced training videos for MedStar Health, DHL, and Avfuel, covering topics such as workplace harassment, fueling operations, and more.

Video production is an important part of any business marketing strategy. Not only does it increase brand awareness and help convert more customers, but it also improves your website’s ranking on Google. If you’re not using video as part of your marketing mix, you are missing out on a lot of potential success. Contact us at SolidLine Media today to learn more about how we can help you create high-quality videos that will help take your business to the next level.

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