Ah, the SolidLine Media Headquarters.  The place the Art Department really calls home.  When the rest of the team is out on production, which is all the time, the Art Department is left to stew in the office, dreaming of being out on the road.  The production team is out there working (and playing) hard, one day filming on a factory floor, while riding in a helicopter in the Pacific Northwest the next.  All the while, the Art Team is here, in the office, in Chicago.  Not that this is a bad thing.  I have my routines, I get to see my family almost every day, and I usually get to relax on the weekends.  But it’s days like today where being in the office really has its perks.    I alone opened this package.  I alone get to enjoy the fruits of my labor of opening the package.  I alone, will take photos, recording the events as they unfold, and laughingly email them to the production crew stuck on a highway somewhere in Pennsylvania.  Today, I received a very special treat…

 delicious treat from narration talent Julie Williams
A delicious treat from narration talent Julie Williams.  Thanks Julie!

Shari’s Berries from Berries.com.  A very special gift from voice over talent, Julie Williams.  Each one of these hand dipped chocolate strawberries will be savored very slowly and delicately.  They will pass by my giggling lips as I think of the hot road fumes the rest of the guys are currently inhaling at that very moment.  I will sigh joyfully as I relish each exquisite bite.  Thank you, Julie Williams, Voice Over Artist Extraordinaire, for your wonderful gift.  I alone will enjoy every second of them.
Sometimes it pays to be the Art Director.


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