Our interns walk away with plenty of hands-on experience in the video production field, but only one can walk away with their name on the coveted Intern Editing plaque.

The votes are in and the fans have spoken.

The video with the highest number of votes, winning by a margin of 75% to 25% is…


This is Klontz’s second editing challenge victory, having swept the competition as an extern back in March.

SLM: Two in a row, how does it feel?

Klontz:  It feels great! Not a lot of SolidLine Interns get a chance to do two editing challenges let alone one, so to win two titles in a row feels very satisfying.

SLM: What was your strategy going into this challenge?

Klontz: My strategy going into this challenge was the same as before. I knew this time I had to harness a lot of comedic bits from the crew to make it interesting. Overall my editing process stayed the same.

SLM: What was the most difficult part of the intern editing challenge?

Klontz: The most difficult part was still learning certain techniques on AVID. Being new to AVID Media Composer, I was still learning how to do some techniques, like audio centering and color correction, but I was able to tackle those on this challenge.

SLM: How are you going to celebrate your victory?

Klontz: I would like to  go out for a nice hot wing dinner to celebrate the win! Of course, I’ll also have to take a picture next to the SLM Intern Editing Champion Plaque!

See Klontz’s winning final cut:

Congrats to both Joe and Rachel for a fantastic summer of work and play with SolidLine. If you’re interested in an internship with SLM, contact us here, or through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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