It's something different.

Have you ever been in the middle of a marketing campaign and you start to feel like everything is going stagnant? That feeling is a good indication that it’s time to try something new. Producing a video will increase site traffic and conversions, and it will also put a fresh spin on your marketing strategy. It won’t take your analytics team long to measure the success of your new promotional video… You may even wish you created one sooner!

Video is sharable.

Not only will you be connecting with your direct traffic, but you also have the potential to reach their network because video is so sharable. Think back to the last time you saw a ‘viral video’ on social media or in email — people love to share video with their friends, family, and colleagues! We’re not claiming your video will actually go VIRAL (there’s literally no formula for producing a viral video), but the chance of your promo video being shared is pretty high.

It increases your online presence.

With all of the recent Google algorithm updates, more companies are realizing that generating relevant content and maintaining a strong social media standing greatly influence how searchable you are online. Therefore, having a promotional video will only contribute to your online presence because it will make your site compelling, increase the chance of visitors bookmarking your homepage, and, of course, provide something for your audience to share.

It gives us non-readers the information we need.

It’s true, some folks just don’t like to read a webpage full of text, or at least they’d rather watch a short video for information if one is available. The key here is making sure your video is engaging and not too long so attention spans aren’t lost — we recommend staying within the range of :90 to 2-minutes for an online video. Take a look at How Long Should My Video Be? for more tips on video length.

Video modernizes your website.

To be honest, a website without a video tends to look a bit old-school. Most companies have jumped on the video band-wagon for one reason: it works. It promotes your services in a fast-paced, high-quality and engaging way. So rather than sticking to your marketing plan that was developed ten years ago, dazzle your audience with a sweet video that informs and entertains!

For more information on producing videos, take a look at SolidLine Media’s video production process and 9 stages of client approvals. You can always reach out for a free consult with a SolidLine Media Producer here.

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