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If ever there was an industry that could benefit from the fast-paced video production methods we use to bring our clients value here at SolidLine Media, it’s the healthcare industry. In an industry that moves at a breakneck pace where professionals have to keep up with and maintain professional certifications and attend regular training events, it’s necessary for the industry to have in place tools that can help them achieve these requirements. Luckily for the healthcare industry, SolidLine Media and other healthcare video production companies are able to quickly and efficiently implement and maintain eLearning platforms that can meet the demands of such a diverse set of professionals.

The Benefits of A Versatile eLearning Platform

As professionals who specialize in creating value for stakeholders across organizations, SolidLine Media creates videos for healthcare to populate eLearning platforms that are engaging and provide viewers with a resource as valuable as any textbook or manual. For the healthcare industry, our services bring a number of benefits to healthcare professionals that elevate their skills and minimize their time away from their practices so they can provide world-class care to their patients. Let’s look at how eLearning platforms change the game for healthcare professionals more in-depth.

More Efficient and Affordable Learning Option

In the past, when healthcare professionals had to attend training or re-certify for one of the many certifications that they must maintain, they would have to take time away from their practice in order to attend a class or seminar. In the case where it was a required training to the facility, there would be the added expense of having to secure training materials, texts, proctors and instructors, not to mention the cost of renting facilities in which to hold training seminars. This all adds up to a significant expense for healthcare facilities on top of lost productivity of the attendants.

Shifting these certifications and classes to an eLearning platform, healthcare professionals can complete their learning courses anywhere they can access a network from a mobile device or desktop computer, and they can do so between patients, thus maintaining productivity throughout the day. They can review materials leading up to a test, as well as access manuals and documentation that can help them in their day-to-day duties. Many eLearning platforms are subscription based and can be tailored to the organization’s learning needs, minimizing the overall costs to maintaining the service itself.

As Effective As Traditional Training Methods

While a number of studies have been performed to establish whether or not eLearning provides an improved training experience over traditional classroom formats, the results are mixed and inconclusive to that end. However, study results do show that, likely due to the diversity of information delivery methods made available by eLearning systems ranging from interactive videos for healthcare to community discussion boards, eLearning platforms result in similar retention of knowledge. Combined with the other benefits discussed in this list, this lack of drawback to the quality of the learning can indeed be cast as a benefit.

A Valuable, Accessible Resource

One of the greatest benefits of an eLearning platform is that healthcare professionals retain access to the training materials and information, even after certification or completing the course material. This provides them with an invaluable resource to which they can refer in the future if they need a refresher or need to share the information with a colleague who might not have undergone the training. Because the systems can be maintained by a content manager, updates and new standards can be updated to the eLearning platform, and a notification can be sent out to those with accounts, increasing the flow of communication and providing valuable knowledge that translates into better care for patients.

Versatile Learning Platform For All Types of Learners

Healthcare eLearning platforms not only include videos for healthcare professionals, but also audio, text, and visual imagery to support and convey the learning material to professionals in the field. For individuals who don’t excel in traditional structured classroom settings, eLearning platforms provide professionals the flexibility to come at the material on their own terms and at their own speed.

Focused Healthcare Video Production Yields Benefits For Healthcare Professionals

It’s vital that healthcare professionals are able to stay focused on caring for patients, but also receive the necessary education and access to training necessary to maintain their certifications. In order to achieve this balance, a healthcare organization’s best course of action is to implement a robust eLearning platform supported by an experienced healthcare video production company. If your medical practice or healthcare facility is ready to explore our exciting services, contact us today for a free consultation with a SolidLine Media producer.