When we sat down with Executive Director of the American Osteopathic Foundation, Steve Downey, to talk about his experiences working with SolidLine, we couldn’t be happier that he credited us for pushing the envelope and helping his team “think of things [they] hadn’t thought of [them]selves.”

It's Our Commitment – Kaplan College Promotional Video Production from SolidLine Media on Vimeo.

We’ve been working with the American Osteopathic Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the American Osteopathic Association, since 2006. We first worked together on award videos for their annual black tie fundraiser and awards dinner, and have since teamed up on a variety of video productions. The award videos were groundbreaking for their event. The productions transformed the event from someone standing at a podium talking about the winners to a series of small productions introducing and showcasing each of their winners. The fully produced videos were shown on large screens and really elevated and enriched the already high-class event.

Since then we’ve produced an annual “Road Show” video that the foundation takes to various events around the country and hosts on their website. This production engages the audience in a conversation about the foundation, its history, and its goals.

We’re glad that Downey and the American Osteopathic Foundation decided to take the video production plunge six years ago, and, of course, we couldn’t be happier that they chose SolidLine Media to help them start a conversation. And we look forward to continuing the conversation through more partnerships and more productions.

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