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Thinking about engaging with your audience through live streaming? Maybe you thought of using Vimeo or Youtube since everyone is familiar with them. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd and deliver an outstanding experience for your viewers, engaging a professional live streaming service is your best investment. Here is a list of advantages of how using a professional live streaming service can benefit your business.

A High-Quality Streaming Experience

Free live streaming platforms cannot guarantee you a smooth and high-quality streaming experience. A professional live streaming service with a robust infrastructure and excellent content delivery network will solve your problems. At SolidLine Media, our virtual production platform can help you produce high-quality streams that keep your audience engaged. Whether you are holding a webinar or product demo, you can have peace of mind knowing there will be zero glitches. Our experienced crew will handle all technical aspects of your live-streaming event while you concentrate on delivering the content.

Enjoy Ease and Convenience

You’ll need to prepare lots of things for your live streaming session. Reviewing your speech, inviting industry guests, and more. Things become harder to manage when you have too much on your plate. And if this is your first time organizing live streaming, you’ll probably stress over the equipment you need. With so many types of video and audio equipment on the market, which is the best one for your event? What kind of setup do you need?

When you engage professional live streaming services at SolidLine Media, you won’t have to worry about the technical setup. We take one thing off your plate so you have more time to ensure your event runs smoothly. We have the crew and equipment to help you achieve a high-quality streaming experience.

Engage Your Audience With a Wide Variety of Content

Think live streaming consists purely of video and audio? We can help you achieve more. SolidLine Media is the expert in helping you deliver an exceptional content experience for your audiences. With our platform, you can include a variety of content such as photos, text, and live chat. If you’re holding an educational webinar, your viewers will appreciate having visuals to help them better understand the topic.

Zero Distractions

Many free streaming services are full of ads. Banner ads, in-video ads, and so on are distracting. You’ve probably seen countless ads on YouTube that don’t add value to what you’re watching. Unrelated ads take your audience out of the viewing experience and shift their focus away from your event.

When you use SolidLine Media’s platform, you are guaranteed a superb experience. Your viewers will thank you for giving them a high quality environment to watch your live stream.

SolidLIne Media can help bring your company to the next level. With our professional live streaming services, you can hold virtual events, expert panels, celebrity interviews, roundtable discussions, and more. Have a project in mind? Talk to us and see how we can assist you.

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