Professional VO's Use Professional Equipment

As with any other job, an expert brings a certain level of professionalism to the table that someone just starting out may not have access to. Our narrators usually have high-end studio equipment in their homes and aren’t just recording scripts using their MacBook and built-in microphones. On the other hand, some professional narrators have relationships established with local studios which always have the best recording equipment. It all comes down to the quality of the audio — you’re producing a high quality video and, therefore, you need the narration to be up to par with the rest of the content.

Professionals Are Used To Working On The Fly

Video production is nuts folks, what can we say? Changes are often being made minutes before a recording session and even during the session. It can be frustrating, but professionals are used to this sort of craziness and are able to adapt to change. Someone who is just starting out may lose momentum if they have a video producer and the client making changes under the wire. We love to avoid these situations, but at times they are inevitable!

Professionals Are Accessible

Not only do professional VO’s have a faster turnaround time when delivering edited tracks, they also have better availability because working as a narrator is their full time job. Something we’ve learned over the years is to work “pick-ups” into the VO’s budget, which are short lines or words from the script that need to be re-read. It’s pretty much impossible for a rookie to drop everything, get to a studio, record the pick-ups, and turn them around in an hour like our professionals.

Don’t get us wrong, everyone has to start somewhere. Some of our favorite VO’s only had a year or two of experience when we found them. We are simply saying that until someone is professionally recording narration and taking their work very seriously, you’re better off letting the pro’s handle the job. To learn more about SolidLine’s video production services, click here.

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