Dark colors generally look better on camera, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear something with bright colors in your outfit. Wear a color that you think looks good on you and you feel good wearing; your confidence will shine through and make it that much stronger of an interview. We do suggest that you always avoid solid white and black — white reflects too much light and black does not reflect enough. You should also stay away from wearing solid red as it will bleed throughout the entire video.


Solid colors are usually best for camera, but if you must wear patterns try a top that doesn’t have dense patterns like florals or complicated designs. A shirt with very fine stripes is a prime example of what to stay away from when being interviewed on-screen. These patterns end up looking wavy and flashy on camera and can really be distracting to the viewer. Choosing something with a thick, simple pattern is the way to go — but if possible, and when in doubt, stick with solid colors.


Unless you are wearing a company uniform/branded shirt, stay away from wearing clothing with logos. They can be distracting and send the wrong image, even if the logo itself is not offensive. If you are wearing a company uniform, please make sure it is clean and presentable. Uniforms should also be realistic. If you are a painter, wearing a uniform with paint splatters on it is acceptable.


Accessories make us feel good and as mentioned earlier, confidence is key, but opt for something simple for your interview. Flashy jewelry is too much for the camera, and someone may pay more attention to your huge necklace rather than listening to what you have to say. Big jewelry can also reflect light with the simplest movement and be impossible to control, and it also tends to make clangy noises which disrupts the audio in your interview. Choose something you enjoy wearing which compliments the outfit and isn’t too big.

For more information on what to expect when being interviewed on screen, click here. What other questions do you have about being interviewed on-screen?

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