They recently featured an updated discussion of the state of video marketing, relative to the impact of 2020 on trends, and it’s something our team at SolidLine Media felt would be helpful to share with our clients who may not understand just how powerful of a tool video can be to drive their brand’s success. 

In this


We’re going to break down what’s meant by video content marketing, the types of videos we can create to help support your brand, and how those videos can, in turn, support your marketing goals for the year by tapping into the viewing habits of your target audience.

What is Video Content Marketing? 

As a marketing agency looking to provide B2B support to our clients, one of our primary interests is helping our clients identify and market to the proper target audience or demographic. Once we help them identify the right buyer personas for the brand, we then help our clients identify the best ways to connect with those personas and the types of marketing material that work best with your overall business strategy. And while informational blogs and newsletters are great tools, there are few marketing methods available to businesses with as powerful a conversion success, or as high of a return on investment as video content marketing. 

Video content marketing initiatives are built around creating and distributing video content consistent with the expectations of a brand’s target audience. The goal of that content is to then draw that audience into the advertising funnels and mechanisms designed to engage and convert these qualified leads. 

Types of Video Marketing Material

Video marketing can come in a variety of styles and visual aesthetics,  and our team at SolidLine Media specializes in a number of these modern formats which can be personalized to your brand.

  • Explainer videos overview a product or service and show how it works to solve a specific business need or problem.
  • Healthcare videos show how hospitals and private practices are tackling specific issues or educating patients about a service or treatment.
  • Recruitment Videos to help employees learn more about a brand and to incentivize skilled talent to seek out employment.
  • Conferences and LIve-streaming Events to help open doors for networking and provide outlets for individuals to network safely and for industries to promote communication and innovation.
  • Promotional videos used to highlight and expose a product to its target audience, creating opportunities to generate and convert leads

How Video Supports Your Marketing Strategy and Goals

With as many businesses struggling to recover in the wake of the pandemic, businesses must be leveraging all of the tools available to them to stabilize and subsequently regrow market share. That’s where video content has become a powerful tool, with 86% of businesses across the economy utilizing video content marketing strategies in their overall approach. An amazing 93% of those marketers identify video content as a critical component of their overall marketing approach. As marketers have improved their tracking methods for customer conversion and are better able to tie sales back to video marketing, 87% claim that video content results in a positive return on investment (ROI).

More than just using video, it’s how you use that video and where you use it. Trends show that Facebook and Youtube continue to be the most widely used platforms. When it comes to the types of content you should be focusing on, Explainer videos seem to be sought out the most, with 94% of viewers watch these types of videos to learn about a product in researching a brand, while 84% of those viewing the video saying that an explainer video helped to make a purchasing decision. Also, and probably not surprising given the state of business and the remote work settings many of us are operating under, webinar video content saw a huge rise in popularity over the year. 

Let Us Help You Shoot That Video

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