Video is arguably the most flexible communication medium, and it is constantly evolving as we discover new ways to use it. Video’s only limitation is our imagination.

Of course a video production company makes this claim, right? But think about it. Statistics show that 65% of us are visual learners, and 30% learn verbally. Is there a better way to reach nearly everyone than with the audiovisual communication of a video?

One of the most important characteristics of video is its flexibility. Our projects often evolve during production to spawn additional videos for our clients. The best example is a conference opening video. After premiering at an associations annual event, SolidLine Media can make a few key edits and transform the conference opening video into a promotional or educational piece that the organization can use throughout the year. So not only will the video grab the audience’s attention and establish a high level of excitement at the opening of their conference, but they will generate this level of excitement throughout the year through the organization’s website, DVD distribution to members and clients, and for broadcast at regional events. Essentially the same video can be used to energize current and prospective customers alike.  And that’s more bang for your production buck.

Flexibility and adaptation are central to video’s value-adding and cost-reducing capabilities. This is an increasingly important part of our services, especially in this economy (yeah we had to say it…). Adapting videos for multiple purposes increases the value of the initial investment, and improves the organization’s communications model. In addition, videos can help streamline operations. For example, our training videos can cut a two-hour safety class down to as little as thirty minutes, all while increasing information retention and creating a consistent message. This will reduce the overall cost of training while improving its effectiveness.

Another important characteristic about video is that it integrates with evolving technology. Organizations are under increasing pressure to incorporate Web 2.0 technologies like social networking. But content is still king. An organization has to engage customers online. And the evolution of the web has included video streaming, animation and motion graphics, further evidence that there is no better way to engage an audience than with video.

Flexibility, reusability and adaptability: the core characteristics of video. The possibilities for integration into business communications and direct impact on the bottom line make it essential to communications and marketing models.

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