Color Correction

Color Correction

While the terms color correction and color grading are often used interchangeably, there are differences between them that set them apart. Color correction focuses on adjusting video footage to accurately portray how the human eye would view it. In addition, touch-ups like removing dust particles and blemishes that made their way into a shot, as well as ensuring that footage taken from different cameras gives off a consistent look throughout. On the other hand, color grading emphasizes altering visuals to create a particular mood that fits the production.

Steps to Color Grading

There are three different steps to complete before color grading can be done:

Step One: Color Correction

The first step of post-production is to ensure that every shot has a consistent and matching look. Shots should also be cleaned up as far as possible by removing obvious blemishes. By getting all of your shots off on the same starting point, plenty of editing time down the road will be saved.

Step Two: Shot Matching

After the color correction is complete, the next step would be to piece a whole scene together. This helps to ensure that related scenes give off a singular consistent feel and that there’s no single shot that breaks that consistency.

Step Three: Matching Skin Tones

Consistency of skin tones is one of the most important aspects of color correction. This is because our brain naturally picks up skin tones that don’t match, thereby throwing off any consistency. If you are using Premiere Pro to edit, skin tones should appear within the red and yellow quadrants to be considered within the natural range.

Final Step: Color Grading

Color Grading

Only after the first 3 steps are completed, then can you move on to color grading. Think about the mood the scene is trying to achieve and adjust levels until you are eventually satisfied with the final product. Be sure to apply similar levels to every shot in a scene to create a consistent feel throughout. After you are satisfied with the outcome of a certain scene, you can move on to color grading your next scene.

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