In that case, a brand film is similar to something that used to be, and often still is, called a Corporate Image Video. However, that sounds stuffy, doesn’t it? That’s why we don’t think it’s the best name for the final product. In Executive Producer Greg Vass’ words, “Corporate Video is kind of a scary term in our business” and makes it easy to hear that term and visualize a stiff, boring video. Brand films aren’t scary, they aren’t boring and they aren’t stiff. Brand films are engaging, educational and entertaining; they’re the upper crust of corporate videos and they stand out from the crowd. That’s why we separate them in title as well.

What makes your company tick? Who is behind the logo? How do you help others? At SolidLine, we believe that it’s important to not only communicate your products and services visually, but to communicate your brand as well. That’s precisely what a brand film does. “The team, the methodology, and then the product,” says Vass. Brand films are a window into the company as a whole. And, it’s important to keep them short and simple. Getting too specific on products and services is for another production, says Vass, “the brand film is the first touchpoint a prospective customer should have with your organization.” It focuses on the “who,” “how,” and “why,” rather than dwelling on the tiny details of “what.”

Brand films provide a unique way to visually and emotionally connect with your prospective customers. They are the visual interpretation of your brand. They are your logo and mission in action. They make you more than a business or product, they charge your brand with emotion and life. Whether it resides on your homepage or you use it to kick off a sales pitch, high quality, entertaining brand films are a powerful and memorable tool.

Below is an example of a brand film for APL:

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