What it is?

Social Analytics is the process of measuring the impact and effectiveness of your social initiatives.  The original philosophy of Social Analytics was that as a society we share a degree of commonness. Obviously, all of civilization doesn’t share the same perspectives on everything, but we do share some habits, preferences and tendencies if only based on the decade or year.

Why it is important?

All of this information should effect how you market your product or business.  How does this translate to social media? Easy. Marketers can analyze our trends and habits in order to accommodate us better as customers. Social media empowers brands to engage consumers in a way they never could before. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are all platforms through which brands can show off their personality and humanize themselves in the eyes of consumers. Analytics arm marketers with the information they need to plan the strongest communication strategy for their specific brand and target customer.

However, in order to properly engage consumers and digest their feedback, the marketers have some tools in their social analytics toolbox.

How to use it?

There are a number of built-in and third party Social Analytics tools you can use for all of your social media accounts. Google’s tool defines your social impact by these four elements:

  1. Sources—How people came to your site. This information helps you pinpoint where your content is being shared and how visitors from these different social sources are engaging with your content and site.
  2. Conversions—How social is impacting your business. This is where you can put a monetary value to your social initiatives; just measure the conversion and monetary value of the traffic driven to your site by the aforementioned sources.
  3. Pages—Where and how your content is being shared. What pages and content are being shared the most? Where is your content being shared or discussed? How are consumers engaging with your brand and content?
  4. Social Plugins—Displays which of your content is being shared and on which networks. See that snazzy bar of social media icons at the top of this blog post? Those are Social Plugin buttons. They allow users, in this case: you, to share content directly from the business website. These handy plugins are a simple download and addition to your pages. Keep sharing easy.

How do your consumers communicate? How do they engage with your brand? Do they follow you on Twitter? Do they like you on Facebook? Are they subscribed to your YouTube channel? How engaged are they? Are they retweeting you? Sharing your photos? Commenting on your promotional videos?
Social Analytics can help you answer those questions and formulate the best social strategy for your business.
Oh, and we at SolidLine Media would like to take this moment to reiterate something very important to the future of your business: Get Social!

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