In case you don’t know exactly what we’re talking about, head over to our homepage and you’ll see the video playing at the top of the screen. Utilizing shots from various videos we’ve produced, our Post team added some effects and graphic text to spice up the final product. The header video is not only a great way to show some amazing footage we’ve captured, but it also tells a short story of what SolidLine is all about. We were proud of how our’s turned out, so when Cleveland Clinic contacted us to help them with a background website video, we were excited to get the project kicked off!

SolidLine has been partnering with Cleveland Clinic over the years to film and edit videos onsite at their summits. We’ve conducted hundreds of interviews, filmed b-roll of the 2,000+ attendees, and even filmed Joe Biden giving a speech. So when it came to producing their website video, we had plenty of footage to pull from to create something dynamic and attention-grabbing. “We operate in an extremely visual world that prefers a modern and clean approach to online browsing” states SLM Director of Post Production, Michael Kromm. “The background video we created for Cleveland Clinic will certainly attract the eye of viewers and entice them to explore the website further. The best thing about site videos like this is that no two are the same — the possibilities are endless! Plus, the videos are even mobile friendly.”

Head on over to Cleveland Clinic’s website to check out the video we produced, and give us a call if you’d like to learn more about how SolidLine can jazz up your site with video!

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