It’s Monday evening, and like the rest of you, we are getting the taste of that disappointing football contest out of our mouths. Unless you are a Seahawks fan, of course – in that case good on you.

No blowout loss will keep us from our annual tradition of sharing our favorite commercials from the big game. The general consensus seemed to be that the commercials were as big of a let down as the Broncos effort to stay out of their own end zone, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t find a few winners.

Check out some of the SolidLine Media staff’s picks for best commercials of Super Bowl 48!
Greg Vass – Dannon Oikos “The Spill”
Matt Kudla – Honda “Hugfest”
Allison Miller – Doritos “Time Machine”
Kevin Wright – Bud Light “Ian Up For Whatever”
John Courchane – Toyota Terry Crews and The Muppets
Adam Marzec – Audi “Doberhuahua”
Marcus Leshock – Radioshack “The Phone Call”

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