The winner will be rewarded for their talents and efforts with an amazing trophy, and be added to the Intern Editing Challenge wall plaque in the SLM Atrium.

But first, let's recap the rules:

1. Create a video using the same footage from our Ghostbusters shoot and the post-shoot interviews conducted 12/17
2. Video must be 3 minutes in length
3. Each intern will have his own sequence, subclip, music, & graphics bins
4. NO peeking on your opponent’s project
5. Two days in editing suite per intern
6. You may utilize ONE motion graphics artist for two hours
7. Must be tasteful. [A necessary disclaimer]
8. No copyrighted music because, well, law

Let the games begin!

The interns did a remarkable job creating a unique video and experience with the same footage. Let’s take a look at their final pieces.
Intern Broc Pachesa’s Final Cut:

Intern Ryan Nice’s Final Cut:

Two Competitors, One winner, you decide:

The bragging rights are in your hands, SLM fans. Vote for your favorite video in the poll below. Voting closes Wednesday January 23rd, so be sure to vote and share–we’ll announce the winner right here on the SolidLine Blog.


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