That’s right, our Externs got a taste of SolidLine in the spring and returned this summer as full-fledged Interns. We’re proud to deliver an immersive intern experience rich with hands-on video production opportunities and invaluable learning opportunities. And, while we packed as much experience as we could into Rachel and Joe’s one-week externship, we’re glad to have them back in the office.


As a token of our excitement, we’re pitting them against each other, once again, for a SOLIDLINE INTERN EDITING CHALLENGE.


Rachel Head and Joe Klontz, who both happen to be native Chicagoans, have known each other just over a year now, studying film together at SIUC.

Neither is the type to fight dirty, so we can’t wait to see what the competition has in store.

They were tasked with the challenge to create a unique and engaging video using the same footage from our SolidLine Hot Wing Competition shoot.


1. Create a video using the same b-roll footage and crew interviews from the Hot Wing Competition [filmed 7/24/13]
2. Video must be 2-3 minutes in length
3. Each intern will have his and her own sequence, subclip, music, & graphics bins
5. Each intern will have two days to work in the Avid editing suite
6. Each intern may utilize ONE motion graphics artist for two hours
7. Must be tasteful–like tasty hot-wing sauces
8. No copyrighted music because, well, lawyers


Intern Rachel Head’s Final Cut

Intern Joe Klontz’ Final Cut

The interns did a remarkable job creating a unique video with the same footage. Please watch their final cuts and vote for your favorite below.


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