Ah, the ol’ “We’re Watching A Movie Today!” The video during class was the perfect excuse to bury your head into a desk and doze off, fire up your graphing calculator and play all of the games that weren’t supposed to be on there, or ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION TO THE VIDEO AND LEARN SOMETHING.

That last one was easier said than done, especially as Kelly kept asking you to pass love notes to Dylan all period long. Video can be a tremendous educational / training tool – but it has to be done right. With smartphones and texting, we are more connected, but we’re also more distracted. An educational video has to grab your audience’s attention – both young and old – and keep them interested in the topic at hand.
The SolidLine Media team has produced dozens of educational videos over the years, so we have some experience with this. Here are eight tips to keep your audience awake when it’s training time!

Make Sure You Have Educational Objectives Up Front

Your audience needs to learn something during this video. What is it they’re learning? And who is your audience? What style of video will relate to them and keep them interested?

These are really simple questions, like when Dr. Bailey used to ask if you needed to go to the nurse when he caught you sleeping during math class. They all need to be answered first and foremost!

Break Your Video Into Sections

Your video doesn’t need to be as long as the cafeteria line on Rib-E-Que day (mmmmmmmm). Break it up into sections to keep the audience active. It will be easier for people to process smaller sections of information, and take organized notes, if you’re quick and to the point.

Blow Them Away With High Quality Production

There is this common myth that production value doesn’t really matter when you’re teaching somebody something. Do we really need a jib here? Can’t we just throw a camera up on sticks and let somebody talk into it?

You can also just assume your audience is going to process everything your speaker is saying, just like your teacher assumed you would use that off-campus pass to work on that educational “group project.”

Your audience deserves the highest level of production, and a moving camera is another step to keeping the pace up. You want your video to mooooooooove. Show the audience that this educational video is going to be different than any they’ve seen before.

Add A 3D Character

This goes back to the last few entries. Technology continues to move along. You don’t see many TV’s strapped to carts anymore. Heck, half of your audience can probably stream this video on their iPad.

3D animation is everywhere these days – movies, television shows, commercials, and videos. Here at SolidLine, we’ve created plenty of animated characters, all with their own unique personalities. This means getting it right – your character should fit in with the audience they’re speaking to.

Use Motion Graphics

A solid 3D motion graphics package will give your video that professional look. If solid production value is the suit you wear to the prom, motion graphics are the limo, dinner and after party. What would the night be without them? And they’ll keep your video moving.

Your Narrator Needs To Fit In With The Crowd

Would we hire Clint Eastwood to come in and read a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book to a group of pre-schoolers? OK, of course we would, bad example.

But your narrator needs to fit in with your audience! There’s a quick reaction to hire the deepest, most “radio-friendly” voice for every production – but in this case, you want to go without somebody your audience can relate to. They need to listen and pay attention to this person – make sure it’s somebody they WANT to listen to.

Use Professional Actors

Yes, professional actors cost money – because they’re good.

We realize there are times when this isn’t possible, but when you go with a trained professional, you will notice the difference and most likely never go back. Having a talent who is rehearsed and ready to go speeds up your production and leads to a more engaging product.

Script. Script! SCRIPT!

Do you want to be John Hughes or the guy who writes all of those bad movies that parody John Hughes?

Remember your educational objectives from #1, and stick to them. Write copy that will engage your audience. Keeping the right atmosphere and delivering your educational objectives in the proper manner will create an entertaining, and informative, educational video experience.

SolidLine Media would love to produce your next Educational of Training Video Production. We can take that two hour presentation you’re used to giving and produce it into a 30 minute, compelling video production. CONTACT US HERE today to find out how.

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