His name is Josh Dueck, and he was paralyzed when trying to do a blackflip on snow skis back in 2004. Instead of facing the worst news of his life and hanging up the skis forever, Josh turned to the Sit Ski. The device lets a skier sit above one ski, moving their body to maneuver back and forth. Josh spent years perfecting the Sit Ski – this video shows his journey to pull his first flip, similar to the one that put him in the chair in the first place.


Since being posted on February 6, the video has more than 600,000 views and 350 comments, most hailing Josh for his drive and determination


Other than Josh’s unbelievable determination, the video is masterfully shot. It’s part of a larger documentary feature “The Freedom Chair.” From the subject, to the story, and the production value – this video is pure magic. Watch….

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