Given how many relationships a small-business already has to manage to fully flesh out its operation, there’s little point in complicating the matter when it comes to creating video marketing content. That’s why SolidLIne Media felt it necessary to break down for clients and readers the difference in the services provided by a video production company and a Video Marketing operation. 

Contracting to a

Video Production House Still Requires a Marketing Services Partner

In the early days of a startup or small business, the owners and sales staff are working together to collaborate on advertising and marketing efforts. At some point in the process, they’ll realize that they will need to create marketing material that can be translated into video content and leveraged across multiple platforms. Enamored with the short-sighted marketing themes they’ve created in short quick meetings between client calls that do little to speak to the long-term goals of the brand, they decide to contract out to a video production company.  While they might ultimately get some extremely well-shot video content with an extremely high production value, what they haven’t procured is content that provides any sort of long-term benefit or versatility. The video only works for a single promotion, and the company finds itself starting the entire process over a month later.

But what if they had simply hired a Chicago Video Marketing service provider in the first place?

Video Marketing Services as a One-Stop Video Production Solution

The issue isn’t the service provided by the video production service. While these organizations often provide the resources necessary to translate client vision into commercial-grade video content, they aren’t generally hired for their marketing expertise, nor are they creating flexible content that is designed with multiple social media and distribution platforms in mind. When you partner with a video marketing service provider, however, the path forward to success is more complex.

Target Audience

Before a single frame is shot on camera, a video marketing service will work with your organization to first identify the demographics of your brand’s ideal target audience. The in-depth research that goes into identifying buyer personas will help determine the problems your brand solves with its services or products, and the ideal audiences that experience those pain-points.

Proper Distribution Channels

Once you know who you’re looking to sell to, it will be easier to identify what platforms they are most active upon, allowing you in partnership with the vendor to come up with a strategy for content distribution that builds the brand over time following the plan you’ve come up with together.

Tracking Key Performance Indicators

As they will be producing and working within your social media channels to distribute content, video marketing services will be tracking the proper key performance indicators showing clicks, visits, conversions, and other ways of tracking the return on your investment across multiple channels, so that together with the vendor you can decide what channels are effective and which need work. That data can then be used in a future campaign with new better-targeted material. Over the year, you can imagine the value that comes from this approach versus having to coordinate vendors and match strategy to content between parties.

Partner With SolidLine Media for all Your Video Marketing Needs

As you can probably tell, SolidLine Media is much more than a simple video services provider. Our goal is to provide insight and guidance to our clients who may themselves never created a marketing strategy. As a one-stop solution, we want to ensure your content is in line with your brand’s overall goals and that we create content that converts.

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