Whether our clients are veteran B2B services in need of promotional videos or new organizations looking to shoot a full set of training videos, SolidLine Media’s strong project management standards ensure the phases of video production are conducted as efficiently as possible. Follow along as we break down our video production process and the best practices we follow along the way.

Planning Your

Video Production

Video production is a multifaceted process requiring involvement from individuals across your organization ranging from your creative team to your marketing teams as well as members of your organizational leadership. As a managed service provider supporting your strategic marketing initiatives, SolidLine Media’s team plays the role of project manager in the video production process. In that role, we support each phase of the video production process with planning and organizational strategies intended to ensure the final video product accomplishes the overall goals and objectives of the project. 


Before a single frame of video is shot for any project, SolidLine’s creative team guides our clients through an extensive planning phase. This pre-production phase of the video production process ensures that our production team understands the client’s goals and can match the provided creative brief.

Once the team has discussed the process and set milestones, SolidLine’s marketing professionals perform a deep dive into the client’s existing branding in order to create a Style Sheet that matches the client’s mission and vision to the video production goals. Once this alignment has been achieved, the creative team can create a script around the goals of the video and start to assemble talent to bring the video to life onscreen. Once approved, the process then shifts to transforming the script into a shot-by-shot production plan, including identifying where the shoot will take place.


With the pre-work complete during the pre-production stage, the production stage requires our team to execute that plan flawlessly in order to stay on schedule and within budget. During this phase, not only does the team execute the onsite filming, but the creative team also goes about recording narration and creating visuals and graphics to support the final video presentation. 


At this point, the material we have is little more than a collection of related footage. During the post-production process, the SolidLine team utilizes a number of tools to perform HD editing and, if necessary, integrate motion graphics and animation. As the team whittles raw footage towards the final agreed-upon vision, the client is provided first with a rough-cut, and then a final-cut for review. These versions are modified and tweaked until the client signs off on the picture-lock version of the video. 

Tools & Software

With the video editing software industry becoming increasingly competitive, it’s important for video production service providers to have a suite of tools that allow them to deliver on client expectations. At SolidLine, our team utilizes the Avid studio of video editing software for our projects. The suite offers a number of benefits over the competition, but perhaps one of the most important is Avid’s improved media organization tools. 

The ability to keep assets organized and the project on track based on the production’s shot list across the entire team of contributors provides critical advantages to the team that other products cannot match. The tool also gives form and direction to the editing process and helps imbue efficiency into the team’s efforts.

Getting In Touch With Chicagoland Video Producers

SolidLine Media’s award-winning team has exhibited expertise in producing all types of corporate and commercial video content. This expertise not only brings clients through our doors, but keeps them coming back for future projects over time. To get in on the action and learn more about our process, reach out to our team to schedule a free video consultation.

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