Video Takes a More Prominent Role in the Marketing Funnel


As a video production agency, we’ve always believed that video is a powerful content medium—perhaps the most powerful even.

But in 2020, we expect more brands to integrate more video into their marketing funnel, especially at the awareness or discovery stage. , 72 percent of consumers prefer to learn about companies through video over text. This is as good a reason to treat video as a “must-have” tool in your marketing arsenal, rather than just something that’s “nice-to-have.”

To help your company formulate plans to integrate video into your marketing strategy, we’ve put together a list of three video marketing trends to expect in 2020.

Vlogging Enters the Corporate World

From once being the domain of YouTubers and independent filmmakers like Casey Neistat, vlogging has emerged as a way for brands to humanize themselves and bring their viewers closer to them.

Brands like AdobeBon Appetit, and Complex are moving away from conventional promotional marketing videos and leveraging vlogs to give audiences:

  • A behind-the-scenes look into what a typical day in their offices looks like
  • An exclusive look at product launches
  • Footage at events (e.g. conferences, trade shows)

Live Streaming Continues to Come Into Its Own

Pic1Live streaming solves the problem of how to provide audiences with live video without having to go through live broadcast television. One of the main reasons live streaming is so important for brands is the high level of interaction and engagement it brings to the table

Live videos make users feel part of whatever’s happening with your brand at the moment. The stream itself doesn’t have to be too polished—users generally have low expectations when it comes to livestreams, but it’s always a good idea to have a Chicago video production agency handle the streaming of important occasions, such as product launches, webinars, or events.

Customer-Centric Videos

Prioritizing the customer’s informational needs over sales messages has long been a basic tenet of inbound marketing, and we expect to see this approach with video marketing in the years to come. By using videos to educate, inform, and delight users, your content holds intrinsic value, which, in turn, makes your brand look good.

Creating customer-centric content is simply a matter of doing your homework. Ask your existing customers about what they want to see from you. Ask your local community what kind of content they’d be interested in. Simple steps like these put your audience first and make your content more relatable.

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