Video content has rapidly overtaken the marketing industry as a powerful tool for storytelling and engaging with consumers across multiple channels. Video content comes in many forms – educational videos, company profiles, promotional videos, social media content, recruitment, branding, and testimonial videos – but no matter the purpose, one of the most powerful styles of video to emerge from the pack is animated videos. What better method for short targeted storytelling or informational and instructional content is there than a short animated video?

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In this article, SolidLine Media provides an overview of why you should be using animated videos and how you should go about collaborating with a production company such as SolidLine Media to create your own animated videos.

The Shortlist of Benefits of Using Short Animated Videos

A trend that started around 2017, video has become a clear crowd favorite when it comes to online content across multiple channels. More than 50% of consumers today say that they are looking for more video content from the brands they consume, edging out other types of content by a wide margin. Video is a useful tool to increase conversion rates on landing pages and open rates of direct email campaigns. Video content is so powerful, that 90% of consumers say that they were inspired to make a purchasing decision based on a video they watched. Animated videos offer similar benefits to marketers. While the list of benefits is extremely long, we felt these were two of the most relevant given the current state of the economy and how important engagement and affordability are for organizations right now.

Increase Social Media Shares

Write an educational blog post or post a link to an educational article, and you might get a share on a social media platform from those posts. Post a short and engaging animated video outlining the same educational concepts or information, and your post will spread far and wide. People love to share videos, especially those that might be valuable to their community of connections.

More Affordable in a Time Where Affordability is Key

The process of creating short animated films is much more budget-friendly than securing all of the pieces and resources necessary to shoot a live-action video spot. With businesses operating on limited budgets and looking for places to actively impose spending limitations, companies have discovered the intrinsic value in low-investment, high impact video content over the high costs associated with live-action content ranging from the cost of hiring actors to securing wardrobe and location.

The Animated Video Production Process

Working with a video production company to create an animated video is a slightly different process than that of creating live-action productions, due to the nature of the final product requiring fewer humans and more impactful storytelling. Follow along as we break down the steps of production:

  • Develop a script built around the topic you wish to cover. This will determine the length of the final product. Studies show videos between 1-2 minutes are most effective across most platforms
  • Design your graphics with your team of animators. Storyboard your script and bring your words to life on the screen.
  • Source the music and secure voice actors to provide voiceover work if not being handled in-house. Determine the right tone and theme for your music and ensure it matches the message you’re trying to convey.
  • Settle on an animation style and get the process started! We’ll use cutting-edge techniques in combination with the latest in animated video software and animated video too.

SolidLine Media Has Your Animation Needs Handled Across Chicago and Beyond

With every business looking to maximize the online experience and generate engaging content despite the challenges of navigating the production process in the middle of a pandemic, we want to reassure clients new and old that we can handle any challenge you throw at the team. Our video production team has some extremely talented animators who can convert your script into engaging video content focused on lead conversion and maintaining client relationships. Reach out today for a consultation and to learn more about our animation services as well as the other services we offer to clients needing marketing solutions.

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