Three Types Of Virtual Corporate Meetings

COVID-19 changed the way people work and operate. As a result, many individuals realized the importance of remote working and working from home. This, combined with the ever-improving technology, has made in-person meetings a thing of the past! Effective communication between and within businesses and organizations can be easily carried out without relying on traditional face-to-face type of meetings. Virtual meetings have a variety of benefits, from being more cost-effective to being more flexible and less time-consuming. Here are three types of virtual corporate meetings that you can incorporate into your company to make it run as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are web-based meetings conducted online and individuals can hold real-time conversations. In addition to accessing video and audio chat functions, participants can delegate tasks, interact, and participate in the most seamless way possible.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held by leaders and directors to make decisions regarding the company’s agendas and goals going forward. By holding virtual board meetings, key decision-makers and executives are able to meet from any location, including their home offices. SolidLine Media has advanced tools to help clients run effective virtual board meetings. Our crew ensures that the audio is crisp and image quality is at least 720p or higher. Clients can even request to record the entire board meeting, and we will process the content to create a high-end video.

Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

AGMs are large-scale meetings held by associations and companies whereby employees, stakeholders, investors, and directors, are involved. Participants can engage with one another in a seamless manner regardless of where they are physically located. This is exceptionally useful for large multinational corporations that hire staff members all over the globe. Instead of spending large amounts of money flying their employees to a conference, they can simply meet online to save cost and time! Virtual AGMs also allow for live Q&A sessions, attendance tracking, live polls, and more.


Virtual conferences are conducted for a group of people with the intent of discussing and educating one another on a topic of interest. One of the benefits of virtual conferences, when compared to in-person conferences, is the cost saved. Organizations no longer have to rent and book a physical venue, e.g., a convention center. Virtual conferences can also remotely bring together speakers, sponsors, and attendees, enabling them to network and get to know one another!  

If you or your organization are interested in hosting virtual events or live streaming, SolidLine Media can help! Contact us to learn more about our high-end video production capabilities today.

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