Three Most Common Remote Production Use Cases

The recent COVID-19 pandemic left a large number of organizations struggling to find alternative methods for producing and disseminating content in a reliable manner. Since many in-person events were eliminated, content creators needed a new method of connecting with their receiving audience. This is where remote production took over! Organizations were able to navigate this new challenge with the help of remote production workflows that had a large variety of pros. 

Some of the benefits of remote production include lower costs, since you can utilize your current infrastructure and equipment, lowered travel expenses as well as lesser geographical limitations. Remote production can be used for a wide variety of events across many different mediums from traditional broadcasting to corporate meetings and events. Read on to find out some of the remote production use cases.

Filming Guest Panels

Guest panel discussions are typically filmed with multiple camera angles. Additionally, individual microphones are provided for each contributor. From lighting placement to sound recording to the actual filming, a lot of work goes into guest panel video production. At SolidLine Media, our remote production crew can film and edit all types of guest panel videos. Our crew also provides location filming advice for event organizers, employ light placement techniques to better illuminate people being filmed, manage your sound, and more.

Producing Virtual Events

Today, organizations can bring their events into the virtual world. Gone are the days when in-person events in convention centers were the only option. At SolidLine Media, we have years of experience creating high-end virtual event videos. Our crew provides complete studio production tools and motion graphics capabilities to meet our clients’ live streaming or pre-recorded content needs. Whether you have one-on-one interviews or webinars in mind, we have got you covered. 

Producing Interview-Style Videos

Interview-style videos are popularized by talk shows and well-known news programs. This approach allows the target audience to listen and watch conversationalists and hosts interact with one another. This interview format is dynamic and can foster engaging and memorable viewing experiences. The good thing about conducting interviews remotely is that individuals can participate from any location. At SolidLine Media, we utilize professional video cameras and audio recording and production tools to create high-end remote video interviews. 

If you are interested in remote video production, check out our SolidLive Virtual Event Production Platform Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 

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