video marketing for manufacturing businesses

Is your manufacturing business already making use of videos in your content marketing strategy? If not, it’s high time to jump on the bandwagon and start offering videos alongside the content you are already offering, which may include blog posts, ebooks and infographics.

Videography is one aspect of marketing you cannot afford to miss out on today. Not only does it allow for the easy dissemination of information, it is much more likely to attract visitors and increase traffic to your website. Read on to find out some reasons to consider video marketing for manufacturing businesses!

Easy to Share

One thing you may have noticed while browsing your social media feed is that you come across much more images and videos than text. This is for a very simple reason: viewers are much more likely to be drawn to visual stimuli. Of course, having some accompanying text is not a problem, but if you have just one long chunk of text, it’s unlikely that viewers will spend a long time reading it. You may also find yourself more drawn towards images and videos.

Because of how engaging social media is nowadays, it is easy for your followers and subscribers to share your videos onto their feed. Each time this happens, your brand will be visible to a whole new range of potential customers!

Convey Your Unique Brand Personality

A large drawback of written content is that it can be hard to convey tone and personality through words alone. However, when you make use of video marketing, it is easy to showcase the quirky sides of your brand as well as your unique personality.

Would you like to position yourself as a professional in your field, or is your brand more about being fun and approachable? Regardless of the exact image you wish to convey, you can achieve just that with videos!

Improve Brand Awareness and Increase Conversions

Besides providing useful information to your target audience, another goal you likely have in mind would be to increase sales. The best way you can do this is by establishing trust and credibility. If you are stuck for video content ideas, think about the most common questions and concerns clients come to you with. From there, you can produce one of three types of videos: the explainer video, the demonstration video, or the how-to video.

Keep in mind that your videos should be short and simple. This is usually not more than a minute for social media pages and up to two minutes for YouTube videos. For a demo video, you may want to showcase how your products are manufactured. In an explainer video, you may educate clients about the difference between OEM and ODM. When you provide clients with the information they are looking for, you can easily establish yourself as an expert in your field and build a level of trust.

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