Now, these filming locations that we visit are located all throughout the country, and we travel all throughout the year, so weather can really affect us. This means that when we pack, we have to plan for the potential of hot weather, as well as the potential of cold, sometimes all in the same trip. We may be shooting inside one moment, and then need to go outside the next. With all this moving around, inside to outside, upstairs to down, hot to cold and back to hot again, all within the span of a day, our wardrobe choices can be very important.

This clothing can’t be too bulky or cumbersome, and we can’t pause every location change to constantly re-layer. We need our clothing to work along with us, not to hinder us, so we’re constantly on the lookout for clothing that provides the comfort necessary in the cold environments, the breath-ability of the hot, the ease of movement required in the tight spaces, all while maintaining the professional image needed when meeting and interacting with our clients.

The solution? Why, all weather fleeces emblazoned with the SolidLine Media logo, of course!!!

A man wering a cap and sweater smiling

Here’s Michael, keeping warm at our Anderson Japanese Gardens shoot, in Rockford, IL…

Michael and Greg

…Greg and Michael are enjoying the warm sun while checking out our location at Cal-Fire in Vina, CA for the Onboard Systems shoot…


…Greg and Michael avoiding messy sweat-stains when purchasing the new SolidLine rig…

Michael, Greg, David Vass, and Ed

…and all of us covering up our just slept-in clothes when visiting Greg’s dad in St. Louis, MO.
So what about when we are in the hotter climates, filming during the summer, and not having to worry about climate change you ask? We’re way ahead of you. SolidLine also has a fairly large array of lighter weight clothing with our logo on it.

Michael and Greg in Mexico

Greg and Michael catching some rays while filming street scenes in Reynosa, Mexico for the DHL NAFTA Southern Border video…

Greg and Ed with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top

…and Greg and I impressing Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top in Houston, TX.
In some instances, we even have a variety of culturally specific clothing and props for SolidLine’s film shoots in certain locations…

Michael, and Greg with Rachel

Michael and Greg with our client Rachel from DHL in Reynosa, Mexico. Where am I you ask? Keep scrolling…


So regardless of the location, or the climate, SolidLine is ready to shoot in style.

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