Director of Post Production Michael “Where is Mercer Anyway?” Kromm got off to a hot start, correctly picking his first 19 games, including the Dayton and Mercer upsets. Despite his claims to have “done some research” we’re all pretty sure he paid a bookie in Vegas to fill it out.

Director of Photography Ed “Ed Boe” Boe will win this year’s most improved bracket. Finishing near the bottom last year, Boe put on a strong showing, and is currently in third place among SLM employees.

Art Director Mike “The Longshoreman” Petrik struggled this year. After a surprising second place finish last year, he’s now in serious danger of having to work out in the alley for a day. “I’m looking forward to the fresh spring air!” replied Petrik, when asked about his embarrassing bracket.

Editor and current bracket leader John “The Defending Champ” Courchane could not be reached for comment. He was last seen wearing a Sconnie shirt, springing north on I-90 yelling, “FIIIIINNNNNNAAAAAALLLL FOOOOOOOOOUUUUUURRRRRR!!!!”

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