Today, most of the SolidLine Media team will be traveling to San Diego to shoot dozens of day-of videos for the American Osteopathic Association at their annual Mentor of the Year Reception. It’s a major event for the organization, where they honor the best and brightest osteopathic doctors in the country. Working alongside the organization, SolidLine produces biographical videos of each honored physician – shooting, editing, and producing graphics on site.

The event affords us the opportunity to have so many of the world’s best doctors in one city at the same time. But pulling off the short turn requires a lot of crew members and more than 1,500 pounds of gear.
The highlight of the week has to be the presentation of Mentor of the Year. As in past years, we’ll be interviewing all of the finalists for the honor before the event. In just 36 hours, we’ll go from sitting an interviewee down for the first time, to a finished video production with cutting-edge motion graphics. Take a look at the Mentor of the Year video SolidLine produced at OMED 2011…

AOA 2011 Mentor of the Year Video Production from SolidLine Media on Vimeo.

Sometimes video can’t be produced in advance, and it takes a crack team of professionals who can think on their feet to get things done on a tight deadline. Featuring professional day-of video at your conference enriches the experience for all who attend. For example, attendees at OMED will be treated to an AOA Minute each day – a short newscast telling them everything they will be experiencing that day. Because we are there producing these in a short time, we can flow with the changes and make them really current.

On next week’s Tech Tuesday here on the SolidLine Media blog, we’ll take a look at all of the technology it takes to pull events like this off. And when the event concludes in just over a week, we’ll be able to share the stories of those receiving these tremendous honors. If you’d like more information on how SolidLine Media can help bring your next conference, convention, or event to the next level, CONTACT US HERE.

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