My second month started off with the ASHRM production. Of course things did not go straightforward for this shoot. The hospital that was originally slated in as our location was made no longer available, so as a consequence a mad scramble ensued to find a new hospital that would allow us to film on their property. Selfishly for me, I saw this as an opportunity to learn and see how professionals in this industry cope with pressured situations. Eventually a new location was found (through a lot of calling) with the key element being how calm the staff remained in what was a stressful situation. Whilst that situation was developing I had been placed in charge of finding extras and for the first time ever in my life trying to rent an ambulance.

The ASHRM production was a lot of fun to be a part of, but once again, another opportunity to learn. This was the first shoot that I’d been on that incorporated the use of a “Steadicam.”  Logistically this production was fairly complex. A large potion of this video was to be shot in a single take, swapping the subject four times whilst having to make sure all the extras were aware of their cues of when and where to move to. It was cool to witness all the planning that had gone into this and to then see it all come together. During this production I was shot logging and also stood in as a patient in one of the hospital beds. I got a whole leg in frame! It was the roll I was born to play baby!

This month took me to Las Vegas, but I won’t touch much on this as I’ve already written a separate blog on that time (you’ll have so much fun reading it…). Another highlight of this month was operating boom for a Kleenex campaign featuring Ali Wentworth. This production was very much man on the street interviews, pulling whoever we could for an interview. I’d operated boom before, but never in a professional capacity. To have this chance was invaluable to me and continued to build upon the experience I am already gaining here at SolidLine Media.

Two months down, two to go. So far this internship has been giving the experience I so badly wanted in this industry, and I can’t to see what I’ll be up to next.

Have a nice day! 

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