Another month, another truck load of experiences that have been brought my way. This month has been action packed to say the least. I have been involved with numerous productions, which include clients from Continental Tire, ASHRM, ISMIE, The National Society of Leadership & Success, PulseAssist and The Bradford Group. All of these clients in a 30 day period, with shoots spanning over a number of days, you can begin to get the idea of how busy things get around here.

Yes, this was a month of happenings. We had live broadcasts, CPR training videos, exploding RV tires, merchandise for Christmas we had to make look like a million bucks, hardcore teleprompting, making a ton of notes, shot logs on an epic scale, traveling to California and Texas, shooting on a ranch and most importantly gaining more experience.

Experience, experience, experience. This has been the upmost important thing that SolidLine has given me during this internship. They have uttered how imperative it is to be proactive, and in turn I contribute positively towards the crew.


And have a nice day!

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