It has been a long and eventful summer, but it is time for me to part from the SolidLine Media Internship. I have mixed feelings about leaving, but overall I am very happy to have had the chance to work with the great team here at SLM. I’ve traveled to Miami, Nashville, Atlanta and beyond on production trips and each time I’ve learned something new about high‐quality professional video production. I will take all that I’ve learned here this summer and use it as a foundation to start my future endeavors in this industry.

I want to thank everyone at SolidLine for welcoming me from the beginning and making me feel at home. I had an amazing time in Miami Beach with Michael Kromm and Greg Vass. It was a great trip and I want to thank you guys for showing a young and aspiring intern what it takes to run a professional‐scale video production company. To Kevin Wright and Ed Boe, thank you for all the advice and help when I needed it. I will miss our fun conversations in the production office. You guys were truly a positive influence when it came to making great videos and advice for my future career. Ali and John, you really made me feel a part of the team, showing me the ropes in AVID and teaching me the skills I need to be a part of this changing industry. To the Art Department, you all brought great energy to the office, as well as comedic relief. Thanks for the graphics for my intern editing competitions. If it weren’t for your great work I probably wouldn’t have taken two championship titles!

Overall, I bid farewell to the SolidLine family in great spirits. I can confidently move on to new projects with great experience and knowledge I acquired here in downtown Chicago. Thank you all one more time! And please stay in touch! I am sure to visit again soon!

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