The stakes are high
Leshock will decide the winner of Best Overall Chili and everyone in the office will serve as a tasting judge to determine the People’s Choice in Creativity. To ensure a fair-fight, each competing chili will be served in a cup labeled with a number and judged blindly.
The winners in each category will receive $100 each, bragging rights and the joy of claiming a stunning Chili Champion Trophy.
A surprise trophy will also be awarded for Worst Chili, as decided by Judge in Chief Leshock.
Who’s bringing the heat?
There can be only one Chili Champion, let’s meet our competitors and what they are bringing to the table:

Ali Miller, Dame of Pain

Tool time

Chili:  Tim Taylor
Secret weapon: A woman’s touch
Fightin’ words: “Gonna show these guys how chili is done!”

John Courchane, Sgt Ghost Pepper and The Fiery Heartburn Band


Chili: Fred
Secret weapon: The salty tears of my enemies
Fightin’ words:  “I’ll just let Fred do the talking.”

Mike Petrik, Baron Chili von Queso


Chili: The  Roseanne
Secret weapon: Tiny taste-bud ninjas
Fightin’ words: “Kevin smells like butts.”

Justin Younger, Señor Sweat and Tears

la muerte del pavo diablo

Chili: La Muerte Del Pavo Diablo–Death by Devil Turkey
Secret weapon:  The fiery heart of the sun
Fightin’ words: “You will all burn so good”

Adam Marzec, Captain of the Fire Squad

brooklyn chili

Chili: Adam Brooklyn Chili
Secret weapon: Brooklyn pizza
Fightin’ words: “You just gotta taste it to believe it”

Ryan Nice, No More Mr. Nice Guy

Chili: Chili-Dish Gambino
Secret weapon: Surprise—no one ever suspects the intern
Fightin’ words: “Butcher, and I know it man, kill beef, go HAM!”

Kevin Wright, Grand Earl of Cumin-ham

Chili: ;awefhu
Secret weapon: Ancient wisdom
Fightin’ words: “My chili will taste more better than other chilis in the friendly competition!  Grrr!”

Michael Kromm, The Sauce Boss


Chili: Cruzan Kielbasa Chili
Secret weapon: Sriracha, sriracha, sriracha
Fightin’ words: “My chili is the best, the best I tell you, the best

Greg Vass, WWE Superstar Tongue Tormentor

Fix it greg

Chili: Fix-it Greg Chili
Secret weapon: Your paychecks
Fightin’ words:  “There is only one guy that can fix “Fix it Greg Chili” – I’ll be wrecking everyone else’s dreams of winning…”

Let’s get cookin’

The chili is in, but the votes are still out. Stay tuned to find out whose chili will reign supreme!

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