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Justin helps Ed frame up a shot in Atlanta.

Now I’ve done quite a few interesting yet challenging things in my first few weeks at SolidLine: I’ve retackled Avid, an editing software that I haven’t worked with since my days learning editing as a student at Tribeca Flashpoint.  I helped set up, shoot, and tear down a live national webcast to colleges nationwide.  Hell, I even met Justin Younger.  But nothing compares to what I’m doing right now: blogging.  I hate writing about myself.  Oh well, I’ll just close my eyes and jump headfirst…

…actaully, no, that’s an awful idea.  I’ll take a look at the past intern blogs and get an idea of what they did and hopefully get more inspired to write this thing.  After getting on the site the first thing I notice is John Courchane’s blog.  John was an intern last year, but now is a permanent member of the SLM crew as an editor.  This was something I learned way back in my initial interview, but it was a different to be able to actually read his experiences in his own words as an intern and how he was able to grow into becoming a full-fledged part of the team.   His early experiences paralleled mine.  Like me, he spent his first couple days shadowing the editors and learning the ropes.  Just as I was, he amazed at the attention to detail everyone put into their work, from concept to final cut, specifically in the graphics department, which is something that is both intimidating but inspiring.  And just like me, his first shoot on the road in the SolidLine Truck was to a corrugated box company with crock-pot beer brats to keep him going.  Wait, what?

That’s a little too similar to be a coincidence.  I’m starting to sense that this all might be part of some kind of elaborate intern SLM conspiracy training thing.  Maybe the boxes are some kind of overwrought metaphor Greg Vass cooked up…or something.  Now I’m not going to lie to you fine folks, after discovering this eerily similar blog post I did have that brief thought of utilizing an amazing tool known as copy and paste (brief!), but that kind of thinking is not what SolidLine is about.  In reality, what happened was the corrugated box company had changed their name after the filming that John was involved with had wrapped, and some of the footage with the old company name was no longer usable.  So, in true SLM fashion, we packed our bags and drove off for reshoots, utilizing the opportunity to head to different company branches and find new things to shoot and at the same time capture the new company name and brand.  A lot of work, but worthwhile to ensure we can give them the best final product possible.

Well, time for me to sign off.  Greg has instructed us to go eat some Taco Bell and film it for your viewing pleasure.  Sometimes I wonder how a company so strange can also be so professional.  It’s the perfect balance of work and pleasure, and for me these first few weeks at SolidLine have been an absolute testament to that mentality.  Hopefully in my time as an intern here I can continue to share for the rest of you how such a thing can be with my experiences.

Well, not too much about me hopefully, maybe I can keep incorporating other people like I did with John in this first post.  Baby steps, people.

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