The People’s Telly Awards give the online community the power to rate entries and decide this year’s People’s Telly Award Winners. It’s incredibly important to us because it means our work is respected by more than professionals; it’s respected by our fans, peers and current or maybe even future clients. It gives our audience an opportunity to recognize and reward great work.
We’ve now entered the second rating period, which will end April 19th. So check out our nominated videos and rate them today!
SolidLine Media’s People’s Telly Nominations 2013:
Click the links  to visit and rate our nominated productions.

Non-Broadcast Production: Playbook Promotional Video

Use of Animation: Skin Care Promotional Video

Commercial or Marketing Piece: 2013 SolidLine Media ShowReel


You can see all of the videos nominated for a 2013 People’s Telly Award here.
But remember, the rating period ends April 19th, so hurry up and vote today!
[Please note that due to recent updates to YouTube’s custom channel interface, the option to rate videos is not currently supported by Internet Explorer 9 or handheld devices]

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