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SolidLine productions were honored again this year in the 2012 Telly Awards competition. This year’s competition drew more than 11,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents. Telly’s Silver Council evaluated each SolidLine entry to recognize distinction in creative work and then judged that work against a high standard of merit. The winning productions, produced for Husqvarna and APL, were recognized as being at the top level of production work based on these high industry standards.

“We strive for the highest level of quality with each aspect of our productions, from filming to graphics and editing,” states SLM Director of Photography Ed Boe. “Winning a Telly is a great recognition of these efforts.”

Check out the award-winning SolidLine videos via these links:

Husqvarna: What is Ethanol?
APL: Moving The World 

ABOUT SOLIDLINE:  SolidLine Media is a full service video production house located in the heart of downtown Chicago. SolidLine focuses on the development of high end, engaging, and entertaining marketing, training, and educational video productions for audiences across the world.

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